School Handbook

  • Principal: Christy Swan, 558-3152
  • Assistant Principal: Moe Weisbeck, 558-3164
  • Secretary: Karly Carroll, 558-3150
  • Asst. Secretary: Diane Hutchens, 558-3151
  • Counselor: Christina Seybold, 558-3192
  • STRIVE Counselor: Jaime McMaster, 558-3156


  • Our office is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.
  • The school day begins at 9:00am and finishes at 3:15pm.
  • Every Thursday is teacher collaboration; school begins at 10:00am.


At Chester, we show P.A.W.S. All students are expected to demonstrate the following:
  • P: Positive Attitude
  • A: Always Act Respectfully
  • W: Work with Effort
  • S: Show Kindness
Students are also “Caught being a Coyote” for demonstrating the above traits and given a coupon to enter in a drawing. We positively reinforce students daily and teach them our expectations explicitly for all areas in our building. We so appreciate your support!

Discipline Referrals

Chester practices Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). We have developed expectations for each environment in our building that explain what P.A.W.S. looks like and sounds like. Occasionally, when students do not demonstrate these expectations, they will receive a minor discipline referral form. If the incident is of greater issue, they may get a major referral form. Minors are typically handled by the classroom teacher or supervisor and majors come to the office. We like to keep you in the loop, so forms are sent home for a signature. For most major issues, you will receive a phone call.

Morning Supervision

Supervision begins at 8:40. Please do not drop off your student before that time. Students are not allowed on the playground before 8:40. Breakfast begins at 8:40 in the Multi-Purpose Room/Coyote Cafe. On Thursdays, supervision and breakfast start at 9:40.


The tardy bell rings at 9:00am. If you are arriving after this bell, please park and walk your child into the office. They will need to be checked into the office to ensure they are not marked absent. Parents must accompany tardy students to the office in order for them to be excused, or they may call 558-3160.


We ask that you please call the attendance line (558-3160) to report any absences beforehand. This will ensure that you do not receive a phone call mid-morning stating that your child is not in school. If you know your child will be absent in advance, please fill out the Pre-Excused Absence Form available in the office.


When you come to visit our school, we ask that you always check in at the office first. You will be asked to sign in and get a visitor badge. We welcome you to join your student(s) for lunch, but do not allow visitors on the playground during recess. This is for student and staff safety. Before leaving, please stop in at the office, return your badge, and sign out.

Valet and Bus

We have two separate areas for our buses and valet (parent pick-up).

  1. The lot south of the school is for our valet.
  2. The loop on the north side of the school is for buses and daycare only. Please do not use this lot for picking up or dropping off your child.


When dropping your child off for school, please pull into the valet parking lot. You will pull into one of the two lanes that go the perimeter of this lot. Drive through the line and a supervisor will meet your child at the car. Please DO NOT have your child exit the vehicle before reaching the front. We want to avoid students walking through the parking lot without an adult. If you would like to park and walk your child to the building that is great. We ask that you park in a parking space in the lot and walk with your child to the door, using the designated crosswalks.


When picking up your child, please pull into the valet line. Once you get to the front of the line, a supervisor will escort your child to your vehicle and help load them. This process goes very smoothly when drivers watch for the car in front of them to move and students get to the front of the school quickly. Please encourage your child to walk immediately to the pick-up area. Cars waiting for students may be asked to circle back around.

Parking Lot

As with morning drop off, we ask that when you park to either pick up your child or drop them off, that you stay with them in the parking lot. This is in the interest of safety for all our Chester students and families. Please do not park in the valet line (next to the sidewalk) or in the bus loop.


We staff two crossing guards at the intersection of Loretta and Pines. This is our main crosswalk for Chester Elementary. We direct our students who walk to Midilome to exit the front doors of our school and walk on the sidewalk to this crosswalk. If students live down towards 38th, we ask that they first cross at Loretta and Pines and then follow the sidewalk to 38th. We do this in order to make sure all our students are crossing in the middle of our school zone, as opposed to crossing at the end of it when cars tend to accelerate or have not begun to slow.

Curbside Pick Up

If you choose to pick your child up at the curb on Pines, we ask that those students still use the crosswalk to reach your vehicle. We do not want any students to cross the parking lot unless with an adult. We also ask that if you park at the curb, to leave at least a car length from the crosswalk. It makes visibility a challenge when cars are parked too close to the crosswalk.

Changes to Pick Up Arrangements

We understand that plans change and often this affects how your child may be getting home at the end of the day. Please contact the office via email, written note, phone call, or in-person to inform them of any changes before 3:00pm. This helps ensure that all students get home safely. Students will not be allowed to go home a different way without parent/guardian contact. You can email both Kim at [email protected] and Diane at [email protected] with this information.

Sign In/Out for Appointments

Should your child need to be picked up early or come in late due to an appointment, please make sure that you come into the office to sign him/her in or out. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child, please make sure you have notified the office; the person picking them up must present a photo ID. Students cannot be released without being signed out.

Lost and Found

Please make sure to label all your student’s belongings (coats, sweatshirts, hats, lunch boxes, etc.) with their first and last name. Items without names are hard to return. Additionally, have your child check the lost and found frequently for their missing items.

Dress Standard

We follow CVSD’s dress standard. Students are not allowed to wear hats in the building unless it is a designated hat day. Midriffs are covered and all shorts, skirts, and dresses are fingertip length or longer. Appropriate footwear is required for safety and all clothing must have appropriate logos or prints. Please see the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook at


Per district policy, we cannot distribute any medicine to students without paperwork from your child’s provider. Students are also not permitted to self-administer medication without paperwork from their provider. Once paperwork has been signed and filed with the office, we can receive medication along with directions for administration from a parent/adult. All medication must come in the bottle from the pharmacy with prescription/dosing information on the bottle. Provider paperwork is available in the office. Further questions can be answered by our office staff or school nurse.


We have a phenomenal group of parents that work together to provide fun and enriching opportunities for our students. If you are looking for a way to be involved at Chester, the PTA is a great place to start! PTA information is available on our website under “Student & Parent Resources.”

Stay Connected

There are several ways you can stay connected with our school. Our website is or, go to and click on “Chester” under the “Schools” tab. Our site contains our bell schedule, teacher’s web pages and emails, and many other additional pieces of information. You can also check us out on our Chester Elementary Facebook page as well as the PTA Facebook page. We encourage you to “like” both these pages in order to see current happenings at the school.


For the safety of all our students, in order to volunteer you must complete/update the district volunteer form online at under “Parent Resources.” This process needs to be renewed every two years. Once this is complete, we welcome you to volunteer on field trips, in the classroom, teaching lessons or helping at a class party. There is a multitude of ways you can volunteer at our school!

Work Room

We have a beautiful new workroom that houses our copy machine, laminator, color printer, bookbinder, paper cutter and paper supplies. This is a “hub” for teachers and volunteers. We ask that you receive training on our many devices before using them. Additionally, some equipment is not safe for young children. If you have young children with you while in the workroom, we ask that you supervise them carefully. We ask that all users clean up messes in order to maintain a clean environment.

Facility Use

We are happy to provide a space to support students in their extracurricular activities. In order to reserve our gym, community room or multipurpose room you need to check availability with office staff. They will provide you with available times and the forms to complete. We ask that you follow our guidelines and expectations closely. If you need access to one of our fields, please also check with Kim. You will also need to complete the liability paperwork.

School Cancellation/2-hour Delay

As part of the Central Valley School District, we will close or delay school per district directive. It is important to make sure that your information (phone number, email, etc.) is up to date in our system so that you receive cancellation or delay messages from our district. CVSD also posts information about school closure or delay on as well as Facebook.

In the event of icy road conditions or other safety concerns, know that you have the right to make the decision on your child’s attendance. Our goal is to keep all our kids safe. While we know a cancellation or 2-hour delay can be inconvenient, it is for the safety of our students and staff.

If buses are running late, the time given is an approximation. Please have patience, as safety is the highest priority for all.