Important Update on Return of 4th, 5th & 6th Graders in January

We are excited to welcome back our fourth, fifth and sixth graders this month.

Fourth and sixth graders, who have chosen Option 1 or 4, will return to in-person learning on Thursday January 14th. They will begin with a phased A/B approach with half of on Thursday the 14th and the other half on Friday as we ease into all fourth and sixth graders attending in person on Tuesday January 19th.

Then Option 1 or 4 fifth graders will return on Thursday January 21st. They will also begin with a phased A/B approach with half of on Thursday the 21st and the other half on Friday with all fifth graders attending in person on Monday January 25th.

Please look for details this week from your specific school on what the A/B schedule will look like for you. For Summit and Spokane Valley Learning Academy only, fourth and fifth graders will start on the 14th and sixth graders on the 21st.

Transportation will be provided; however, we are encouraging parents to transport their child to school if possible, as our buses will run at 50% capacity for safe social distancing. New bus route schedules will be posted on the transportation web page by January 12th.

As we transition to in-person learning, our schools are ready to seamlessly switch between virtual and in-person learning and back as needed, by utilizing our virtual learning management system and curriculum as a platform for both learning models. We also ask for parent collaboration to help make in-person learning a success with our common expectations.

We will continue to meet our families at your readiness level for in-person learning. If you had selected an option to return to in-person, but have concerns about returning; please contact your school principal about alternative plans.

We will hold parent question and answer webinars to assist with answering your questions:

  • Elementary 4th & 5th grade joint webinar will be Wednesday, January 13, 6:30pm.
  • Middle School 6th grade webinars will be held by Wednesday also for each school. Please look for a message about this and other details directly from your school principal.

We look forward to seeing our students at school again in person—but at an appropriate distance.