Snow Days Go Virtual

In an effort to limit extending the school year later than June 18th, CVSD may not utilize regular “snow days” this school year, unless there is a severe weather event.

If we experience inclement weather conditions, we will instead switch the in-person learning (currently special education as well as kindergarten through 3rd grade and 4th starting January 14th) to virtual learning with a one-hour delay to allow our families and staff to make any necessary arrangements. The virtual learners will also have a one-hour delay to give flexibility for our families and staff to make any accommodations for their schedule.

Should a snow event cause this change to be necessary, you will receive a phone, email and/or text communication directly from the district notifying you that we are implementing a virtual snow day with a one-hour delay. This information will also be included on our website under delays and closures.

Should this occur, then elementary schools will begin at 10:30am and here is an adjusted daily schedule for secondary schools.

Daily or weekly meal pick-up will continue on the regular nutrition services schedule in the event of a virtual snow day, but the food will be distributed from the school’s foyer.

If you have any questions, please contact your school. Thank you for working with us as we all move forward together.